About CDS DS

CDS DS is in the resilience business.
Our clients share one ambition: the highest possible performance. We deliver the support to achieve it, across three key areas:

People: Organisations need great people to succeed, so we develop them. Theirs, so their team’s are one step ahead, handling anything they need them to. Or ours, so we can bolster customers operations and remove their stress points. In every case, it’s about skill and certainty.

Process: We work with our clients to design, streamline and strengthen their procedures so that they know they’re highly effective, no matter how complex or technical. No gaps, no doubts.

Protection: We manage risk and resilience across clients operations. Keeping their digital and other assets safe and secure is non-negotiable, but tough to manage. We’ll take care of it for them.
The most important thing about us? We don’t just offer products or services: we offer absolute commitment. Whether military, commercial, large or small, we’re part of our clients teams – their success is ours, too.

Find out more about CDS DS on the website https://www.cdsds.uk

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Apprenticeships at CDS DS

  • Cyber Security Graduate Apprentice – Cheltenham – Level 6
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