Meet Bradley


Cyber Security Graduate Apprentice

My name is Bradley, I am a Cyber Security Graduate Apprentice with CDS DS. I began to delve into ethical hacking and the security aspects of technology just after leaving school. Aside from my interest in technology and playing games, I love to mess around with music along the lines of piano, drums and FL Studio. However, my current favourite pastime is flight simulators.

When did you become interested in cyber Security?

I have been interested in technology since I was roughly 12 because a game would crash on my old computer. This sparked an intrigue into why it didn’t work and how I could fix it. Then further into my career this intrigue with computer issues grew into an interest with security of computers and technology.

What interests you the most about it?

Cyber security, specifically vulnerabilities, and exploitation of those vulnerabilities with their impacts are what interest me the most. This follows from my ‘fix it’ mentality but this time it’s a puzzle to find the issues before you can fix it and potentially before others exploit them.

Why did an apprenticeship appeal to you?

Back in college I discovered that I have a kinaesthetic attitude to learning, this means I prefer to be ‘hands on’ with what I do. This apprenticeship allows me to implement physically what I’ve learnt into my CDS DS work therefore helping to solidify my knowledge.

How has your time at CDS DS been so far?

My time at CDS DS so far has been great, many introductory meetings to help me get on my feet within the company and plenty of like-minded individuals to talk to in regards to cyber security. I enjoy the tasks I am given as it directly helps me improve my overall knowledge based on cyber security and the many aspects which branch off. I am excited to see what my future in CDS DS holds.

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