Meet Jade


Senior Recruitment Business Partner

What were you doing before you started your apprenticeship?

I had recently joined Bailie Group Business Services as a Recruitment Business Partner and had been in my role for about 2 months before I started the apprenticeship. I think it was offered to me by my line manager after my first month in the business.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship or why did you think an apprenticeship would help you?

I’m studying the Team Leader Apprenticeship (TL3) with Instep and it’s a course that focuses on our understanding and ability to lead and develop highly effective teams. It was useful to me at the time I started as my role involves managing multiple stakeholders, as well as leading and running projects and initiatives across the Group. It’s also really good for people who are moving in to Team Leader/Management roles or those in Project Management roles too.

What have been the benefits of choosing an apprenticeship?

I’ve learnt so many valuable tools and skills which I have been able to consistently apply within my role but also a much clearer understanding of my own management styles and learning styles. Since I started the apprenticeship, I have taken on a more senior role within the team and the apprenticeship has really helped my confidence and knowledge in effective management and communication.

What did your family or friends think about you choosing this route?

They really supported the decision and thought it was a great opportunity to increase my management skills.

What does your role involve?

I’m the Senior Recruitment Business Partner for the Group and responsible for the recruitment across all our Operating Companies, primarily looking after CDS Defence & Security in Cheltenham. I also have a direct report who works 3 days per week so there is a split between delivery and line management. The typical day can range from meetings, presentations, delivering inductions, spending time on our Brand Awareness or sourcing and speaking to potential candidates around careers within the Group.

What projects or work are you involved in that involves you working with colleagues across your team or for the business in general?

All of them! Pretty much all the work and projects that we take on in the Recruitment, and also the wider People Team involves working with colleagues in across all of our Operating Companies and our own teams. We have had a few Recruitment Drives across our larger areas of the Group and that has involved a lot of project management, time management, effective communication, and strategic partnering.

How does your day-to-day work link to the apprenticeship that your completing?

The great thing about the TL3 apprenticeship is that the tools and models taught throughout the course can always be applied to our day-to-day activities. It coincides with our 1:2:1 session we have monthly and how we deliver/receive feedback, communication, conflict management, project management, organising meetings, development etc.

What would you tell a person thinking about this route?

I would say that it’s a great opportunity for someone who wants to develop their learning and understanding of their chosen area whilst also learning how to effectively apply it to their role.

What support are you getting?

We have monthly training sessions with our course trainers, 1:2:1 sessions monthly with our tutors and access to a learning platform that has our pre/post-work listed. I also have great support from my manager and wider team as well.

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