Meet Mark


Cyber Security Graduate Apprentice

I’m Mark and I’m a Cyber Security Graduate Apprentice with CDS DS. I started the apprenticeship in September 2020 alongside Gloucester College and University Of West England. Beforehand I attended Hereford sixth form college where I studied Media Productions, IT and Computer Games Design/ Cyber Security.

When did you become interested in cyber Security?

It’s difficult to exactly pinpoint when I became interested in cyber security as I have always had a passion for technology. A lot of it comes down to wanting to understand how devices and systems work and cyber security plays a large role when understanding it. This passion was further strengthened in college due to the nature of the subjects and this was when I decided to dedicate myself in cyber.

What interests you the most about it?

Other than the technical aspect of cyber security and understanding how technology works, I enjoy the problem solving behind it as it requires you to think outside the box and there is nothing more satisfying than that eureka moment when you finally understand how something works or got it to work.

Why did an apprenticeship appeal to you?

Cyber security is a very hands-on subject. I chose to do an apprenticeship as it allows you to apply what you have learnt at university in the real world and gain experience by doing so. I feel that this is a better way to learn for me as each topic becomes more intuitive and memorable this way. You can also pick up additional knowledge from team members which you may not otherwise have learnt. Other skills such as communication and team working can also be strengthened.

The way that the content is delivered is different as it is done in blocks throughout the year. This gives the benefit of breaking up learning and working which makes it more enjoyable keeps me motivated.

How has your time at CDS DS been so far?

While I have only been at CDS DS for 3 months, I have enjoyed every minute and it already feels like home. Every day has been a learning experience, and everyone has been very supportive. Despite these difficult times, CDS DS has been able keep a positive working atmosphere even from home by providing various little events throughout the weeks. I look forward to what CDS DS has to offer in the next 4 years and beyond.

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