Meet Oisin


Apprentice Print Technician

What were you doing before you started your apprenticeship?

For most of 2019 I was unemployed and looking for work, with very little success.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship or why did you think an apprenticeship would help you?

I chose the apprenticeship because it was different from the other jobs being listed, and was in a sector of work that I was better suited to than retail.

What have been the benefits of choosing an apprenticeship?

Since getting the apprenticeship, I have been learning about all the processes in print finishing, as well as being able to earn a living.

What did your family or friends think about you choosing this route?

They were delighted; my parents were much happier seeing me earn a living and become more financially independent.

What does your role involve?

I work in print finishing alongside more experienced colleagues, making sure any work printed is cut and packed to the specifications required by the customer.

What projects or work are you involved in that involves you working with colleagues across your team or for the business in general?

On some larger jobs, me and the rest of the team will split ourselves across different machines in order to get the jobs done as efficiently as possible.

How does your day-to-day work link to the apprenticeship that your completing?

All the skills and knowledge I’ve learned either from being trained, or by learning on the job can be applied to any assignments on my course, which the assessor can use as evidence that I understand the work that I do.

What would you tell a person thinking about this route?

It’s definitely worth it. An apprenticeship allows you to earn you a professional qualification while also making a living, unlike going to university, which can be prohibitively expensive.

What support are you getting?

I receive feedback from both my line manager and my course assessor on my coursework, as well as training from the other finishers, and official training from Morgana and IFS (who manufacture most of the machines we use). I also get the opportunity to work from home occasionally to focus on my coursework.

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